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Name: Sandra

Job Title: CAREGiver

Location: Cardiff

A beautiful bond that twinkles bright

Mum-of-three Sandra and 96-year-old Doreen share a beautiful bond.

Sandra, aged, 52, is a former publican who discovered a career in care with Home Instead two years ago.

Doreen rose to the rank of sergeant after being called up in the army in WWII as well as working as an accountant with British Rail and in the finance department at the BBC over the years.

As a CAREGiver with Home Instead Senior Care Cardiff, Sandra visits Doreen at her home for an hour each time.

The pair enjoy a special connection that typifies homecare delivered in the Home Instead way. Our blend of quality homecare and companionship is best described by Doreen, who said:

“I think of Sandra as a great friend rather than a carer, she brings sunshine and smiles into my home. We chat about everything and anything. I look forward to seeing her because we get on so well. It’s such a beautiful bond that we have. We make a perfect pair.”

  During her army years, Doreen was posted in both Weymouth and Newcastle and was a plotter, mapping out locations of incoming aircraft to assist officers    at gun sites. She spent 20 years in total working for British Rail and 15 years at the BBC in Cardiff.

Now retired and in her mid 90s, Doreen is able to stay in her own home even after having a stroke around four years ago, thanks to Sandra’s support.

As part of her CAREGiver duties, Sandra helps get Doreen washed and dressed, helps prepare breakfast, then spends time chatting over a nice cuppa. She even helps feed and groom Topsy, Doreen’s 14-year-old feline companion too.

She has affectionately nicknamed Doreen ‘Twinkle’ as she says she always has a twinkle in her eye.

Sandra describes her journey into care work as a “Eureka moment’. Her eldest son had left home to go to university and as a self-described ‘people person’ she knew that working in care was the right life change for her.

She said: “When I found Home Instead I could see straightaway that they were head and shoulders above everyone else, with visits long enough to give quality care. Two years on, I’m proud to be part of this fantastic company. It’s lovely to help old folk be where they want to be, in their own homes.

“I have six clients including Doreen, they’re all fantastic and fascinating people. The Home Instead way means I get to spend time connecting with them every day and I think that’s 90% of what makes great care. To me care is not just a task, it’s people’s lives and their spirit needs to be cared for too.”

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